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Precious Metals

Your self-directed account can purchase physical precious metals from any dealer of your choosing. Account-eligible metals include:



What should you know about investing in precious metals?

Physical Precious Metals

You don’t have to buy gold certificates or ETFs to invest in precious metals with your tax-advantaged account; you can buy physical precious metals items.

Any Dealer You Choose

Whether it’s a big online brand or a coin shop down the road, your self-directed account can buy metals from any dealer you want.

Gold American Eagles Allowed

Despite not meeting the 99.5% purity minimum, gold American Eagle coins are allowed in IRAs, 401(k)s, and Health Savings Accounts by virtue of an IRS exception.

Safe Depository Storage

Account-owned precious metals must be stored at a third-party depository, where they will be safely locked away and insured.


How to acquire precious metals with your IRA


The world is your portfolio.

Why stop at precious metals? With a Self-Directed IRA you have the freedom to invest your tax-advantaged retirement funds in the assets you’re most passionate or knowledgeable about. From startups to small businesses to more “out there” opportunities, if you can find it, we will help you fund it.



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