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Checkbook IRA/LLC

With a Checkbook IRA, your tax-advantaged account opens and funds a private business entity (typically an LLC), which then purchases assets of its own. As the account holder, you have “checkbook control” over the LLCs funds, and thus checkbook control of your tax-advantaged funds.



What should you know about Checkbook IRA accounts?

Less Custodial Involvement

With checkbook control, you don’t have to coordinate individual transactions with New Direction Trust Company.

Higher Investor Responsibility

A Checkbook IRA affords a higher degree of flexibility, but it also warrants more responsibility on the part of the investor. Direct access to IRA, 401(k), or HSA money means prohibited transactions, even unintentional ones, can be more likely.


How to start a Checkbook IRA/LLC


The world is your portfolio.

With a Checkbook IRA/LLC, you have the freedom to invest your tax-advantaged retirement funds in the assets you’re most passionate or knowledgeable about. From startups to small businesses to more “out there” opportunities, if you can find it, we will help you fund it.



Want to learn more about a Checkbook IRA/LLC?

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