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Announcement 2

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What is a Solo 401(k)? A Solo 401(k) operates in a similar manner to that of an employer-sponsored 401(k), except a Solo 401(k) holder would be the sole employee of his or her own business. In this regard, the account holder would simultaneously act as employee and employer when managing his or her Solo 401(k). As with … Read More

As the marketplace for investment opportunities has evolved, available options for retirement strategies have followed suit. Different combinations of retirement plans, publicly traded securities, and alternative investment options allow investors to adopt a strategy that satisfies their financial goals. However, some may speak of IRAs and 401(k)s interchangeably, while others may not be overly familiar with either … Read More

What is a “Self-Directed” 401(k)? A self-directed 401(k) puts you in the driver’s seat for any investment activities you want to pursue. Employers may place certain stipulations on (or outright disallow) transferring or rolling your 401(k)-held cash or assets. Others may not allow alternative assets, and others still may not allow you to select the non-alternative investments that your hard-earned … Read More