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Announcement 2

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When you consider the extraordinary potential tax savings you can enjoy by investing in real estate through a self-directed IRA and the recent volatility we’ve seen in the stock market, it’s not hard to see why so many investors have been flocking to alternative asset investments like real estate. However, self-directed investors should be aware of a … Read More

Self-directed investing is all about options. New Direction Trust Company was founded on the belief that investors deserve the freedom to invest in assets they know and believe in, such as real estate. You may be aware that you can buy property with a self-directed IRA, but you may not have known your full spectrum options … Read More

An often overlooked option available to many self-directed retirement account investors is to use debt to increase their retirement account’s buying power for real estate investing. One reason for this is that the type of loan a retirement account can obtain must be a non-recourse loan, meaning the only recourse the lender has is the investment … Read More

Real estate investing within an IRA can be a surprisingly easy method for savvy investors to supercharge their retirement returns. Many families are familiar with real estate investing outside of a tax-advantaged account, and in many ways, the process of investing with such an account is quite similar. Most retirement investors don’t know this, partly because they are unaware … Read More

When it comes to owning real estate assets in an IRA, it may be tempting to live in or work on your account-held property. However, these are prohibited by the IRS and can result in steep penalties and distribution of the account. At New Direction Trust Company, we hear a lot of questions from investors … Read More

Leverage can be a valuable tool to increase the buying power of an IRA. Leveraging means borrowing funds to increase purchase power and acquiring a property that would otherwise be un-affordable. Surprisingly, many people aren’t aware that their IRA or 401k funds can be leveraged and utilized as a down payment for a real estate IRA investment. Ready … Read More