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Announcement 2

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Just as retirement investments aren’t confined to Wall Street, individuals and businesses aren’t restricted to banks and credit unions when looking for financing. Your self-directed IRA, 401(k), or HSA can lend money to private institutions and individuals by issuing promissory notes.   Ready to make money on loans with your tax-advantaged dollars? Click here to open a new … Read More

A promissory note in which your IRA is the lender allows you to create terms that can be favorable to both your IRA and your borrower. One of the key benefits of a promissory note is flexibility; although your IRA is technically the “lender”, you decide the payment schedule, the interest rate, and what happens if the … Read More

Investing in small businesses has long been considered a noble strategy among its proponents. For some small businesses today, nobility has taken a backseat to necessity.   Want to invest in private equity with a self-directed account? Click here to complete our easy online new account application in a matter of minutes!   As we continue to … Read More

You cannot borrow money from your own IRA (as you can with a 401(k)), but just about any other person or business certainly can. Private lending with a self-directed IRA enables you to utilize the business model you know and trust while harnessing a significant degree of control over your retirement. As with almost any investment approach, … Read More